Specializacing in caribbean food since 1982

Selvin´s Restaurant

Selvin is a member of the extensive Brown family, noted for their charm, and his place is considered one of the region’s best, specializing in shrimp, lobster, a terrific rondón and a succulent chicken caribeño (chicken stewed in a spicy Caribbean sauce)” Lonley Planet.
Our menu is based in our traditional Caribbean Food, we offer you an unique recepies from our family.

Our Menu

All dishes are served with Rice & beans , salad and fried plantains


  • 1/2 Rondon
  • Shrimp with fried plantains
  • French fries
  • Fried plantains with Caribbean souce
  • Green salad

From the Sea

  • Sauteed lobster in butter , garlic and onion
  • Red snapper, fried fish covered in Brown´s sauce, Caribbean style
  • Rondon – Caribbean soup with fish, crab and vegetables cooked in coconut milk
  • Shrimp with curry , garlic butter  or Caribbean sauce
  • Jumbo shrimp with curry , garlic butter  or Caribbean sauce
  • Sea bass fillet with garlic

From the Land

  • Caribbean chicken
  • Tenderloin with bacon
  • T -bone
  • Chop with onions and sweet peppers
  • Steak with  onions
  • vegetarian


Organic Chocolate bar, Brownies, House desert, Coconut candy.